Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Assemblage in progress

Assemblage in progress by LA Smith
Assemblage in progress, a photo by LA Smith on Flickr.
All I managed to do for 30 Days of Get Your Art On today was paint the background inside the box for the assemblage I'm working on.

I'm hoping to make some better progress with this piece if I leave it on my work table instead of shuffling it off to a side shelf. Tomorrow, I plan to work on the "set" pieces: the next of twigs and bones and the cracked egg shells.

Then I'll be able to work on the central figure, the little baby harpy, and finish the outside of the piece with legs, a pediment, and some other decorations.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Chicken of the Sea: finished piece

For 30 Days of Get Your Art On, I finished a piece I created last month during the 30 Days of Creativity challenge.

The Altoids tin washed in a lovely faux deep-sea tone contains my "Chicken of the Sea" plastic animal mashup of a chicken head and a whale's tail. I gave her a little nest of sparkling green algae and a brood of little pearlescent eggs.

Today, I mounted the piece "properly" in this swanky frame I found at St. Vincent de Paul and gave her a label with her name in both English and Latin.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

GYAO Day #3: Art Journal Page

GYAO Day #3: Art Journal Page by LA Smith
GYAO Day #3: Art Journal Page, a photo by LA Smith on Flickr.
I spent a lot of my creative energy today making an awesome dinner of brown-sugar and balsamic vinegar glazed salmon on the grill and then having dinner and excellent conversation with my husband, Damon, and our friend Claire (who is one of my favorite artists).

Still, I managed to get another of the "mini flap" pages in my art journal done.

The page is about strength. I wonder sometimes, what it really means to be strong and how we can tell the difference between being strong and being stubborn. Not that I have a problem with that. Heh-heh.

GYAO Day #2: Assemblage in progress

Assemblage in progress by LA Smith
Assemblage in progress, a photo by LA Smith on Flickr.
I don't usually post process shots, but since I'll be working on this project for a couple of days, I figured I might as well post some images to document the work during Traci Bunkers' 30 Days of Get Your Art On challenge.

Just before Easter, a friend and fellow artist, Randy Widmer, sent me a box of fun that included some ridiculously cute doll heads mounted atop some very stiff wire. Almost immediately, I dipped my hand into the jar of plastic animals and extracted a rubber bat. I just knew that little dolly was going to sprout wings and become a sweet little baby harpy.

The rest is the future, at least the next day or so, as I paint and assemble the pieces.

Good fun, huh?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Art Journal Page

Got off to a good start on Traci Bunkers' 30 Days of Get Your Art On challenge with this little "flap" page in the 16-page "Teesha Moore-style" art journal I made last winter.

My rules for this challenge are pretty simple:
1. I will work on art in my studio at least 30 minutes each day
2. The little pieces I make for my Art On My Door Project don't count
3. I will post photos and some blah-blah-blahgging about each day's effort here.

I've been tossing this journal in my bag from time to time, but never really getting to into it, mainly because the style hasn't really felt like it was mine. One of my challenges this month will be to finish the pages of this journal, reclaiming the book and making it mine-all-mine, even if I end up covering every page with a fresh coat of Gesso and starting over from scratch.

This page started with a pair of lips I'd cut from a magazine ad ages ago and a collection of exotic frogs featured on some of my favorite gift wrap. When I saw them, all I could think of was that old French fairytale about the two sisters who meet up with the fairy at the well. The one who is mean to the fairy gets cursed with snakes and toads leaping out of her mouth every time she speaks. The one who is nice drops pearls and gems from her lips when she talks. Not really sure if the latter is a blessing or a curse. Anyway, I like this page enough to call this challenge well-begun.