Saturday, July 7, 2012

Buried Treasure: The Art on My Door Project

Update: Check out the entire set of Art on My Door (now more than 260 pieces), and be sure to visit Seth Apter's The Altered Page Buried Treasure to find a collection of amazing art blogs.

From 1/22/11
I moved into a new office in a different building this week, and upon arrival, I noticed this little card frame on the door:
Intended originally to hold cards posting faculty office hours, these little frames hold little value to non-faculty such as myself. Or do they?
I felt inspired by the tiny frame to kick off a new art project.
I'm aiming to create a new tiny artwork measuring just 3"x2" each workday to slip into the little frame on my door.
So far, I've created two new pieces, and I have to say that I am having fun with this project. I am finding that making the art helps me separate myself from the stress of work at the end of the day by creating something fun and whimsical. Additionally, the new art increases my enthusiasm for going to work because I have something new to share.
Below are the first two works in this project:
Day #1: Still needed to work out the dimensions of the frame

Day #2: Got the dimensions right. I love this striped mermaid.