Wednesday, April 1, 2009

National Poetry Month Begins

In 2000, before "blogging" was a verb, I began to celebrate National Poetry Month by writing a poem a day and posting those poems to my erstwhile Web site, These poems were, for the most part, drafted in one of my many notebooks, then crafted online very early in the morning before I set off to work. Pressed for time, and hoping to get a wider audience for some of these poems, I'm going to re-publish 30 of them on this blog, one each day during April.

Here's today's offering, originally published on April 3, 2000:

Mrs. William Carlos Williams

Was it enough,
his simple note?

Did those 28 words
undo the damage,
of his selfishness?

Or did she pout,
hungry and left with nothing
but tea and toast
for breakfast?

Did she turn her cheek
to meet his lips
as he set out on his morning
walk to the hospital?

Did she brood all day,
regretting her decision
to marry him?

Did she serve him dinner
silently with his pathetic confession
still propped against the sugar
bowl on the table?

Did she wrap her curves in flannel
thinking, "If you liked how cold
those plums were, wait
until you climb into bed
with me tonight."

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